We were incredibly proud to partner with ClexaCon 2017 for their LGBTQ focused pop culture convention. We hosted a variety of panels including the opening panel for the convention, ‘Lexa’s Legacy’. Our members Tara Stuart and Jessica Kath also represented our organization on a number of other media focused panels, contributing comprehensive statistics for the important conversations surrounding LGBT representation in media. You can learn more about our panels below.

Our presence also included an information and merch booth, where attendees could chat with members of our team about our mission, sign up to volunteer and participate in exciting activities like our photo hunt and silent auction. Check out the pics below!

#LexasLegacy At Clexacon 2017

Check out all the pics from ClexaCon 2017!


Year in Review

LGBTQ+ characters have long suffered and been erased in the media, with the 2015/2016 TV season proving to be no exception, managing to kill off an unprecedented number of characters belonging to an already underrepresented community. The LGBTQ+ community fought back, unleashing a storm of critique and grabbing the attention of mainstream media worldwide.

Members from LGBT Fans Deserve Better, together with media critics will discuss the impact the movement may have had as well as analyze the current standing of LGBTQ+ representation, exactly one year after the movement was set in motion.

Moderator: Alex Berg
Panelists: Tara Stuart, Jessica Kath, Mey Valdivia RudeHeather Hogan

Lexa's Legacy

March 3rd, 2016. A day that many of us will never forget. In a moment of complete devastation, what once was a community of likeminded fans, became a family. Anger and pain turned into passion as we found our voice together and a movement was born.

One year later, we reflect with content creators and members of LGBTFans on the immediate aftermath of that day and the incredible legacy it has left behind. From fan art to coming out, to continuing the fight for better representation, that day has inspired the LGBT community to do and create extraordinary things. Join us to share your stories as we celebrate how far we’ve come, and how much we’ve achieved together. Our story is far from over.

Panelists: Tara Stuart, Jessica KathRin, PapurrCat, April Funiestas, Alexia

Why Representation Matters

A television show may not change the world, but it can change the minds and hearts of those living in it. Visibility on all stages is vital to achieve the goal of LGBTQ+ equality and rights, and in today’s divisive political culture, positive representation is more important than ever. The aim of this panel is to discuss and educate on the influential power of minority representation in media and how substantial cultural and political changes can arise as audiences are influenced by the transformative power of storytelling.

Moderator: Dr. Elizabeth Bridges & Panelists: Jessica Kath, Alex BergJoelle MoniqueMey Valdivia Rude

And that’s not all!

We’re in the process of designing an exclusive joint shirt with ClexaCon that will only be available at the convention. All proceeds from the shirt will go to charity. What will it look like? You’ll just have to wait and see!

Remember the Clexa Fanart Book? We’re taking that idea and creating a multi-fandom art book to be released at the convention. As with the shirt, all proceeds will go to charity. We’ll be looking for feedback in the coming weeks for artists to include as well as fandoms to be featured, so stay tuned!

As some of you have seen on our social media, we’ve been collecting signed items throughout the year from various celebrities. At ClexaCon, we’ll be holding an auction with some of these items with all proceeds going to charity. We’re still finalizing the specifics around the auction itself and we’ll share those with all of you once we’re ready!