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May 2016

April 2016

Television still needs more diversity

There is no better example than the drama that has occurred behind the scenes of CW’s “The 100” this season. As compared to most shows, “The 100” has a fairly diverse cast, with a bisexual [...]

In 2016, why is television still burying its queer women?

It was earlier this year that progress looked like a reality. Todd Haynes’s adaptation of Patricia Highsmith’s Carol was released, and critics and moviegoers alike pondered the singularity of its optimistic ending. A queer couple’s [...]

Why the Recent Deaths on CW Shows Matter

The CW is still in hot water. A month after the controversial death of a beloved character on its teen dystopic drama, three more characters across two shows were killed this week. All of them happen [...]

The Importance of Minorities: It’s In the Name

In the space of about a month, there’s already been four LGBTQ deaths (three from the CW, one from AMC) and a graphic execution of a man of color (the CW…again). Again, articles have covered [...]

March 2016

Why Imaginary Deaths Matter To Real-World Queer Women

While real-life terrors continue to abound for LGBT people, the question often arises why we should care about anything that happens in the make-believe world of entertainment. Who cares, the thinking goes, when terrible things [...]