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November 2016

LGBT characters on TV ‘at record high’

The advocacy group Glaad analysed shows seen or to be shown between June 2016 and May 2017 and counted 278 regular and recurring LGBT characters. The number of transgender characters has risen from seven to [...]

GLAAD to see more LGBTQ roles on television

While 4.8% of regular characters on broadcast television are queer — up from 4% last year — characters from all programming platforms still suffer from stereotypical and harmful tropes. Sarah Kate Ellis, president and CEO [...]

There are more LGBTQ characters on television than ever, but GLAAD says TV ‘failed queer women’

GLAAD cites record-high LGBTQ representation in its annual report on television diversity, but the media advocacy group says that television “failed queer women” this year, killing off a staggering number of lesbian and bisexual female characters.

August 2016

Women Who Love Women Aren’t Tragic

On television, according to Autostraddle, a queer- and trans-centered website, 35 percent of us end up dead. Only 16 percent arrive at any sort of happy ending. Contrary to common argument, these stories are not [...]

June 2016

May 2016