But the news is not as good for the broadcast networks’ treatment of queer females, saying the nets failed them “this year as character after character was killed.” The report went on to say that “this continues a decades-long trend of killing LGBTQ characters – often solely to further a straight, cisgender character’s plotline – which sends a dangerous message to audiences.”

The number of LGBTQ regular characters on scripted cable programs rose, with 92 this year from 84 the previous year. Recurring characters, however, decreased from 58 to 50. This brings the overall count to 142 regular and recurring LGBTQ characters expected, equal to the previous year’s total.

Lesbian representation dropped dramatically on broadcast television, down 16 percentage points to 17% of all LGBTQ characters, according to the report. Lesbian representation is also down on cable, to 20%, from 22% reported last year.