The research team at LGBTFDB has compiled a definitive list of all bisexual female and lesbian TV characters, starting with the first appearance of a queer female character in 1976 through the end of December 2016. To make the list, the characters must have appeared on 3 or more episodes on a show that aired on any network, cable, or streaming show available to US audiences.

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All data was compiled by the LGBTFDB research staff, using streaming services, personal knowledge, articles, online fansites, and other various tools to collect and record data. Staff members compiled this data in good faith, and we attest to its accuracy to the best of our ability.  Because of the sheer number of television shows and characters, data collected and compiled might be subject to slight variations due to human error. Any such variations would be minimal, and would not materially affect the results and findings of the data in any significant way.