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Mel has over 10 years of experience working as a project manager, and recently department manager, in the entertainment industry. For LGBT Fans, she oversees normal daily business operations, manages current and future projects including merchandise sales and convention appearances, and supervises finances.
Jess is a researcher and fundraising strategist, with a background in gender studies, governance, and international politics. She focuses on policy and fundraising, as well as project research, writing, and speaking on positive representation for LGBT Fans.

CG has 10 years of public accounting experience, including working on startup nonprofits. She oversees any financial matters and any state or federal regulation requirements for LGBT Fans, as well as undertaking statistical research on minority representation.
TenVolunteer Management
Ten is a manager/supervisor, with experience as team leader, conducting staff training and evaluations. She is focused on managing all volunteers by assigning them to various ongoing projects based on strengths and interests, as well as collaborating on creative projects for LGBT Fans.
JMPResearch & Content
JMP has experience volunteering and lobbying for LGBT rights as well as volunteer management involvement in other charitable endeavors. She is primarily focused on article writing and content research as well as volunteer recruitment.

RXD has over 10 years of experience in graphic design and creative operations; she is also passionate and active in charitable efforts, particularly in the area of LGBT rights and representation. She is primarily focused on graphic design, website development and maintenance, and any other tech responsibilities in the operations of LGBT Fans.
TazMarketing & PR
Taz is a digital producer, with over 6 years of experience in online content development, social media management, and public relations. For LGBT Fans, she manages the social media accounts, website development and maintenance, media/public relations, video content creation, as well as working on specific creative projects and speaking on positive representation.