The LGBT Fans Deserve Better Journey So Far

LGBT Fans Deserve Better was founded in the spring of 2016, after a particularly violent television season for LGBTQ+ characters. One death in particular—Lexa’s—hit the hardest and started the fan uproar; however, it was seeing so many characters continue to die after her that highlighted the severity of the problem and inspired us to continue the fight for better LGBTQ+ representation for our whole community.


For years, our community has craved quality entertainment in the media that reflects our identities, relationships, hopes & dreams. And for years, the media has taken our viewership and support for granted, and fallen short. When they are present on screen, LGBTQ+ characters are often villainized, killed, or subjected to violence and/or other negative tropes meant to teach a moral lesson: that being lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or any other non-heterosexual or cissexual identity is not okay. We deserve better representation than this.


This was the premise and the driving force behind our movement. We know that when we struggle to make sense of the world, the stories we watch can change the way we feel, and the heroes we see on TV can fill the gaps left by the losses we encounter in our real lives. When the world feels unfriendly, media can help LGBTQ+ people find allies, role models, and idols of hope for a future where they feel safe and loved. This escape is critical in times of uncertainty, especially for those who may feel marginalized from their own families and communities.


Our stories have the power to change hearts and minds, and that is exactly why LGBT Fans Deserve Better will continue to raise awareness and advocate for positive representation in the media and hold creators accountable for the messages they send, using all of our platforms to drive the conversation for better representation.